Monday, 26 January 2009

Spring is springing

Just back from our 'free' night at The Noke Hotel where we had a superb room - but no hot water! We drew this to the attention of the duty manager who apologised profusely, of course.
We have do produce a review of the hotel and say if we would recommend it to our friends - with no hot water! I shouldn't have been too surprised as I had previously read a review of the hotel on one of the travel websites where an American visitor had complained that there was no hot water, and that was on the 19th January. Maybe they had the same room as us?

The hotel has 111 bedrooms but we were the only people eating in the restaurant! We ate in the cheaper bar/restaurant as the "one with the AA rosette" isn't open on Sunday nights. The food was O.K. but overpriced for what it was.

There were a couple of business meetings starting as we left this morning, but it seems their main trade is 'funeral teas' as they are very close to Garston Crematorium. We were told they did at least one a day.

Never mind funerals...on our return home the garden was springing into life...

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