Monday, 19 January 2009

Decorator & Cache No.2

There...that's a good reason for getting the professionals in.
They have enough dust sheets to do a proper job of 'sheeting up' as they call it.

Of course, the sheets have other uses:

Found cache No.2 yesterday hidden in the base of a tree which I must have walked past hundreds of times.

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mrs smifff said...

I can't believe you've got a man in, when you've just retired, you lazy ******! They must be paying you too much! And it's not fair - we've been trying to get a decorator to come and do our downstairs(insurance job after October Niagra Falls in the doorway) and nobody wants to know! I'm going to sulk for a week now!

JR said...

Have you seen the size of our ceiling? Anyway it was SWMBO's idea, and she's still earning!