Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Back to WORK already!

Well, voluntary work anyway.
Helped out with the printing of the Parish Magazine this morning. Made 300 copies of the magazine on the photocopier. This month the magazine consists of about 16 double sided A4 pages with a colour cover sheet back and front. The copier collates all the copies and is supposed to staple them as well, but it seems the stapling side of things is too flimsy and isn't really up to the job. So, I did the stapling this morning - luckily we have an electric stapler!

Had to get to the Church for 9:30 (am!) - look it was still foggy (for "heavens" sake!).

1000 of the 1270 copies required - last 270 to be done tomorrow!
Then, the distribution side of the organisation takes over...

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