Thursday, 8 January 2009

Go for a walk boy...

When I retired, all that time ago, my 84 year old (fairly fit) mother told me I should go for a walk every day. Well, I've resisted until now because:

1. We went away to Essex and did walking anyway.

2. When I was at home the temperature never got above freezing!

Today, I had to give in. I had a stroll round the village and photographed our poor cricket pavilion which was almost totally destroyed by fire on Thursday 27th November 2008. It was due to an electrical fault rather than arson which we were all pleased to hear. However, I was also pleased to see that they have already started work to rebuild it - hopefully in time for the opening of the cricket season in the Spring.

I managed 2.14 miles by the way. That's 2.14 miles more than I usually walk and is a strange mixture of Imperial and Metric given to me by my trusty Garmin eTrex G.P.S. unit.

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Steve M said...

You appear to be falling into bad habits already, apart from the Lion picture, all of your comments have been published before lunch. Are you having a lie in already ?

JR said...

Thanks for commenting Steve M.
Haven't got into a routine yet!