Monday, 12 January 2009

Bit warmer now!

It's already nine degrees Centigrade, and it's only 10 o'clock! I've been wanting to top up the fish pond all week but until yesterday, the hosepipe had been frozen for four days. The fish are a bit happier now with a bit more water to splash about in.
We had a good meal at Lussmanns restaurant in St.Albans on Saturday evening. The only gripe was that, being a 'modern' restaurant with no soft furnishings, the general noise level rises tremendously during the evening. It's not too bad if you are on a table for two, but any more than that and conversation would be difficult - unless you shout, then it gets worse and worse! - oh, and the tables were a bit small and squashed in a bit. Apart from that...the food and service were very good, but at minus 5 Centigrade it was a bit nippy walking back to the car, although I don't think we can hold Lussmanns responsible for that?

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