Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Boosting the retirement income

Looking forward to receiving my first pension payment on the 24th!
When my (relatively) large lump sum payment went into the bank the statement entry was followed by: "JIMO NHS MNTHLY A" so I am hoping that a huge error has been made and that I will be receiving my lump sum payment every month from now on - somehow I doubt it, watch this space...

In the meantime, the vouchers above were received following a very constructive 'complaint(?)' letter I sent to Greene King following our stay at the White Hart at Coggeshall - see entry dated 5th January.

The room was, I suppose best described as 'tired' and needed some T.L.C. The staff had mentioned that they were rather stretched and I felt that I should make this point to Greene King, hoping that standards weren't being allowed to slip at this otherwise excellent hotel. Plus, there was a large space on the shelf where our promised DVD player should have been.

The slightly poor room certainly did not spoil our stay, and we had a thoroughly enjoyable time as you will have heard - we were only there for one night after all.

As mentioned in my letter to Greene King, I realise that the preferred option is to complain at the time, but the duty manager was doubling up, and manning reception and the bar and I doubted that anything could have been done to put things right during our short stay.
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