Friday, 25 February 2011

Prague 4

A very small chapel at the end of the street. We heard an organ recital coming from there one evening.

River Vltava with Prague castle on the hill.

One of those buildings you have to take a photo of.
(Edited later as SWMBO has just informed me this is the 'Estates Theatre')

Many many trams in Prague - some old, and some very modern. This one's middle-aged!

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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Prague 3

On our first evening we went to this typically Czech restaurant about 100 yards (metres!) from the hotel. Very good indeed. All the staff spoke very good English - as did the whole of Prague, luckily!

If you want to find it, it's Restaurace Stoleti
Please click on the link, it's a very good website.

Continuing with the 'unlucky' theme. We had 13 anniversary cards, and the wine we were drinking at the time was 13%. I think all the 'unlucky 13's' must have cancelled themselves out?

This was an amazing rose display at a street vendor's stall. You will probably need to click on the photo to enlarge it. Look at the rose petals glued to the grasses - very clever, and the folded leaves between the rose flowers.

You can't get away from TESCO - even in Czechoslovakia.

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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Cloister Inn - Prague

I must include more internet links...

The Cloister Inn hotel, as I said before, was excellent. There was 24 hour free tea and coffee available in the foyer and two free computers for internet access. The reception was manned 24/7 and they could supply alcoholic beverages at fairly reasonable cost. On Valentines Day we had a bottle of bubbly stuff which was supplied in an ice bucket with two very nice champagne glasses.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Prague - unlucky?

Just back from celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary in Prague on Valentines day.
We thought we would never get there as we were flying on Sunday 13th, then we were directed to security scanner 13, and then our flight departed from Gate 13!
As you will have gathered, nothing went wrong and we are back safe and sound.
This is Prague airport from the aircraft.

Our hotel - The Cloister Inn, which was superb. We paid £136 for three nights B&B. The hotel was spotless, the staff excellent and the breakfasts great!

Thank you

Our room was huge -possibly not demonstrated from this photo?

The bathroom was enormous, with a long walk to get the towels from the towel rail.

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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Lost Lines exhibition

After visiting the signal box we went to the Museum of St.Albans and saw the 'Lost Lines' exhibition about the derelict railway lines of Hertfordshire. I had lent them some early cine film which had been transferred on to DVD featuring the Nickey Line running between Hemel Hempstead and Harpenden. The film was taken around 1950 and showed a train running from Redbourn to Harpenden. I was somewhat puzzled when I saw it as 'they' had run it in reverse and showed the trip from Harpenden to Redbourn!

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Saturday, 12 February 2011

St.Albans Signal Box 2

This is the 'Operations Room' upstairs.
Again, beautifully restored and you can even operate a signal in the garden from one of the levers. Well worth a visit.

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Thursday, 10 February 2011

St.Albans Signal Box

Recently we finally went to visit the beautifully restored 'St.Albans South' signal box.
It's only open a few weekends a year and we've only just managed to find a weekend day when we were free and could visit.
All very fascinating. These are the photos from the exhibition downstairs. Of course there's masses more than this, but you get the idea.

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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Bargain Amaryllis

Nice Amaryllis from Aldi - where else?
All the better because it's a dwarf variety although it didn't say so on the box, so it hasn't flopped over like most of them do.

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Friday, 4 February 2011

Waterside Theatre crumbling

Oh dear...that didn't last long - about five months?

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