Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Cold or what?

The main thing I've noticed so far is how quickly the house starts to get cold after the heating goes off (well,down) at 8:30am. Having just seen yesterday that our energy bill for the last quarter was just over £400!, I don't want to keep the heating turned up all day.
Cunning plan...In the mornings I shall wear a bodywarmer (without sleeves), and then after lunch I can wear a fleece (with sleeves). Ha! this pensioner lark is easy.
SWMBO had to return home this morning as her car was playing up. She's had this trouble before where it misfires, won't change gear (It's an automatic), won't go over about 25mph and has no power to climb hills - not good. It has happened twice before, and each time it was one of the four ignition coils (one for each cylinder would you believe) which needed replacing. The nice AA man is here now with his diagnostic computer, and he doesn't think it is the coil this time.

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