Friday, 16 January 2009

New career already?

SWMBO decided we should enter this competition:

As I have lots of time now, she thought I should think up the catchy 'complete the statement' bit.
I think I may have entered this sort of thing once, possibly twice in my lifetime.
We decided to use the letters S T A L B A N S to come up with something appropriate. Out comes the dictionary and I get to work, coming up with:
I like to invite my friends and family to visit St.Albans because...
St.Albans is:
Telephone call last night, "You've won a night at the Noke Hotel".
Now, just a minute SWMBO...this is bed and breakfast. You are going to want a drink (or three) in the bar, a meal in the restaurant (with wine), and we are going to end up well out of pocket.
I need some rules for my new career as 'slogan writer and competition winner'.
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1 comment:

Mary said...

I observe that you didn't blog this competition before the closing date - couldn't handle any extra competition.
Good luck in keeping the bill down!