Thursday, 9 April 2009

Marvellous thing ... t'internet

Do you remember I mentioned the excellent St.Hallet Shiraz/Grenache wine which we had at Chez Mumtaj?
It's not often SWMBO is enthusiastic about wine but she really liked this one so I set about searching for it on t'internet - not easy. it is - and it's the right one too!
Just in time for Easter - and perhaps a bit beyond?

I finally found it at London City Bond Ltd clickylink . Unfortunately..."London City Bond is an HM Revenue and Customs approved storage facility (Public Bond) and DOES NOT trade in sales or purchase of alcoholic products", so I had to get it through Premium Wines clickylink who obviously include their 'mark up'.
Of course the downside is that you now realise you were charged exactly (as it happens) £10 for the waiter to unscrew the cap and 'hire' you two glasses at the restaurant.
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