Thursday, 2 April 2009

Cheap (?) meal

We've now been to Chez Mumtaj clickylink and used the £40 voucher which we won in the Residents First Weekend competition.
(see March 9th blog entry).
Naturally, we had to start in the Farmers Boy where I had an excellent pint of Farmers Joy.

The Asian/French restaurant is huge and beautifully fitted out. Perhaps because it was Sunday evening, we were quite lonely - only one other table of 3 people on the far side of the restaurant.

This was the Chicken Tikka starter.

This was the Seafood Biryani - with a puff pastry lid!

We also had an excellent bottle of St.Halletts Shiraz/Grenache red wine from Australia's Barossa valley.
As I had booked through my favourite TopTable clickylink website, I had a special offer which gave us 25% off our food bill. So...with our £40 voucher we paid just over £28.
If you do the maths, you can see it was a pretty expensive meal, but was certainly the best 'Indian' meal we have ever had. Come on, St.Albans residents, save up and give it some support.
I have heard that they are introducing a more traditional menu which should cost a bit less, but it is worth trying their more interesting options.
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