Tuesday, 10 March 2009

The Globe - Dunstable

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be introduced to The Globe by a friend. I was told that it was well worth going to, and his opinion was certainly right! - as I expected.
It's only a 'backstreet pub' but it's very friendly and the range of beers is amazing.

There were 11 real ales on hand pump and 1 cider (1 think!). They also stock an impressive selection of Belgian beers as well.
One interesting idea is being able to buy 5 tasters of the beers in one third of a pint glasses.
Obviously with 11 beers it would be difficult to know which one to leave out - or to have a pint of?

Unfortunately, the landlord of the pub died whilst on holiday last year but Shefford Brewery have produced this special commemorative beer called 'Dunstable Giant', so he must have been very well thought of by them, as well as his regulars I'm sure.

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mikevampire said...

Yes it is a very good pub. Did you see the certificate above the bar for the Beer of the Festival (runner up) for the 17th Luton Beer Festival. Angela Bradys Birthday Ale

JR said...

No I didn't see that - there were so many certificates for the beers that I don't think I would ever have found it!