Monday, 9 March 2009

Another prize - ho hum

If you recall, we won a night at The Noke Hotel in St.Albans by winning a slogan competition - yes, it wasn't very good (Slogan or hotel).
Well, as part of the same promotion (Residents First Weekend) we both completed a questionnaire which went into a prize draw.
My 'entry' won a prize! It's a £40 voucher to spend at this clickylink Indian restaurant in St.Albans.
It's a restaurant I've wanted to try as they have a chef there who has won national awards - for his curry I assume?
Looking at the prices, we should be able to afford a starter and a bottle of wine.
Still, mustn't complain, eh?

Having just checked out the 'clickylink' above, I see it's a French-Asian restaurant, so no wonder it's expensive? Looks very impressive though - take a look.

And we're still waiting to hear if we have won a share in a new narrowboat.

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