Thursday, 7 October 2010

nb Stella - Day 19

The Harecastle tunnel was the main excitement for today! We were last of a convoy of three boats through the 2919 yard tunnel. The tunnel keeper at the south portal told us that the first boat was too slow, the second boat was too fast and our time of 38 minutes was about right. We later found out that the first boat's tunnel light had failed after about 75 yards and they were quivering wrecks when we spoke to them

We then moored at Westport Lake for SWMBO to go birdwatching while I cleaned the outside of Stella for our next owners. As a valet had been booked I didn't worry too much about the inside which we had kept very clean anyway

We moored at the Toby carvery next to the marina for the night and had an excellent meal alongside a fair few 'larger' members of the population!
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