Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Car insurance sorted

I've now sorted out the car insurances for the coming year. We have gone with Bell, who are a subsidiary of Admiral (who I've at least heard of!). The compulsory excesses have been reduced from £500 to £60 and I've saved over £100 on the premiums. Plus, we are both covered for business use for when we are doing voluntary driving for the Redbourn Care Group.
Well done CompareTheMarket.com.
It's a bit of a worrying time changing insurance companies as you have to hope you don't make a claim during the time between cancelling one policy and starting the new one. If you then go back to your old company they will treat you as a new customer and charge you more as you have recently made a claim, and the "deal" you have just made with the new company assumes you have not made a recent claim.

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