Sunday, 6 September 2009


Had a day in London yesterday and started off by visiting Clarence House. Unfortunately no photography is allowed in the house (understandable?) or in the grounds (strange?). It seems it's only Clarence House where photography is not allowed in the grounds.
So, you'll have to make do with this photo from the brochure. It is subject to copyright but as it's advertising the house, perhaps I won't be sent to the tower?
It was an excellent, well organised tour with very knowledgable staff. A party left the entrance every 15 minutes and followed a route which ensured no two parties ever crossed one another. There was an 'airport-style' security scanner at the entrance before you were marshalled into the correct line for the next scheduled departure. One nice touch was a registration system for free unlimited admission for the next year (during open months obviously). Naturally, there was a very tasteful shop which you were encouraged to visit.
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