Friday, 11 September 2009

London 3

I get the feeling that 'they' see me coming when I go to London. On a previous occasion I was given change for £10 when I gave a £20 note to a barman in a pub overlooking the Thames. On Saturday I was charged for two pints of beer rather than one and a half pints. I almost felt guilty about complaining and felt like apologising for the fact that SWMBO doesn't drink pints - often.
Nevertheless, I forgave all, as Mabel's Tavern sells Shepherd Neame beer!

This is the way to get a very central hotel room in London - on board the Silver Cloud. Very nice.

We then went to the Blueprint Cafe at the Design Museum (that first floor glass bit) for a meal courtesy of our good friends P & C. It was a birthday present which we thoroughly enjoyed.
The cafe (restaurant actually) overlooks the Thames and there are binoculars provided on the tables by the window - they weren't very good, but it was a nice touch.

Another nice night photo - no, I didn't remember my little tripod, again.

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