Sunday, 15 April 2018

New "smart" Car Buying Nightmare

Just been to order SWMBO's new car.
It's a "smart forfour"
...and I HATE the insistence on using the lower case font!
I knew it would be a long job but we were there for an hour and a half.
We made the appointment saying we had decided on what we wanted and simply needed to place an order - no test drive, just place an order.
We ended up with a salesman who knew nothing and left us at least 8 times to have a word with his manager. I think he had to ask his manager's permission to use the toilet.
We felt like shouting,
"Can we see the organ grinder and not his monkey!"
Eventually we got a deal which wasn't great but we were glad to get away. Having endured the encounter it was easier to sign the deal rather than face the prospect of going through the whole process again at another dealership. We'd already met a dozy 'smart' salesman at a previous garage when we'd had the test drive!
Why do they make it such an ordeal to give them money?

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