Thursday, 2 March 2017

Toilets Of The Caribbean

Just back from a cruise of the eastern Caribbean islands - few(!) photos to follow...
We were slightly alarmed after boarding our plane at Heathrow when the pilot announced we would be leaving shortly when the maintenance team had finished repairing the engine! Sure enough, on looking out of the window the engine covers were off, and screwdrivers were out. All OK needless to say.
Flying back across the Atlantic, we had been flying for about an hour when the captain announced that all of the toilets on the left hand side of the plane had 'packed up'. He said we couldn't continue with an 8 hour flight, with 310 passengers and only half the toilets working. The maintenance team had suggested a few things to try. A while later we were told these suggestions hadn't worked. The pilot couldn't land with almost full fuel tanks and was only allowed to dump fuel in a 'real' emergency. The answer was to fly on for two further hours and then turn back to the U.S. The crew continued with he service of food and drink which we thought was a risky manoeuvre. An hour later we were told that the maintenance team had done some calculations and decided we had enough 'toilet capacity' after all! We continued flying on to the UK after much cheering. About an hour later the toilets started working again...
Who'd go up in an aeroplane?

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