Friday, 6 May 2011

HS1 to Dover

SWMBO has spent all her life (well, not ALL her life, you know what I mean) travelling to Dover from St.Albans as she has a huge number of relatives there.
"In the old days" this involved catching the train to London and then crossing London by underground or taxi (depending on the amount of luggage they had) to Charing Cross then catching a slow train to Dover.
Now, we catch the train from St.Albans to St.Pancras, change platforms and catch the new HS1 train to Dover. This uses the Eurostar line to Ashford then branches off to travel via Folkestone to Dover. Really comfortable and fast service.
I've never travelled to Dover by train before and was amazed to find that Folkestone has two railway stations - Folkestone West and Folkestone Central. They are very close to one another, and the train stopped at both.

 Very comfortable, clean and quiet.

 Dover Priory station which has recently been refurbished.

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