Tuesday, 12 April 2011

To Worcester

A few Saturdays ago we took advantage of a £10 Rover Ticket deal on London Midland trains. We could have gone as far as Liverpool but figured that as soon as we got there, we would have to turn round and come back again. So, we decided on Worcester which was a very good choice - especially as the station is tight in the middle of the High Street!
On our way to Northampton, where we had to change trains, we spotted numerous spotters obviously waiting for a special train to pass. We had seven minutes to change trains at Northampton and luckily the steam train came through with two minutes to spare.

I think there will have been a few disappointed people. The advertised train with UK Railtours I discovered later, was supposed to be the newly built "Tornado", but it turned out to be the "Duke of Gloucester" instead. If my camera had responded a bit quicker you would have seen the whole name!

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