Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Waterside Theatre Aylesbury

Last night we went to the new Aylesbury Waterside Theatre to see the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.
The theatre has only been open for two months so we thought we should go and take a look.
As we arrived quite early, we went to The White Hart (Wetherspoons) across the road which was itself only five months old. Very impressive. Amazingly, I had some of my Wetherspoons vouchers with me so was able to get a discount of 50p per pint. The whole place was very comfortable and the food looked good too.
The theatre was 'splendid' with bars and toilets on all levels and very nice lighting in the foyer. There's a lot of wooden blocks used in the decoration so it looks a bit like a giant Jenga construction which could be about to topple over at any moment. The auditorium is very good with comfortable seating and (from what I could judge) good acoustics.
Although the stage seems large enough, my only criticism is that the proscenium arch is not really big enough! There were several members of the orchestra hidden from the audience, and I would assume that the sound of their instruments was also somewhat hidden from the audience.
Would we go again? Probably. It's a bit of a way to drive, especially in the winter months and at £24.50 the tickets are a little pricey. The main thing that puts me off is the £2 booking fee PER TICKET!
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