Tuesday, 8 June 2010

To Lundy Island

We have just returned from a week on Lundy Island. SWMBO was bellringing and birdwatching and I was relaxing and drinking beer - much like being at home really! We both did a fair bit of walking too. The weather was wonderful as you will see from the next few postings.
As usual (this was our fifth visit) we stayed in Ilfracombe on the Friday night before catching the ferry on Saturday morning. Unfortunately...due to the tides, the ferry left from Bideford (but came back to Ilfracombe the next week for us to collect the car from the hotel) at 8:00am so we had to have breakfast at 5:00am and take a taxi to Bideford at 6:00am to be sure of arriving one hour before departure as requested.
Here are some Friday afternoon photos of Ilfracombe.
The last photo is the view from the hotel garden.

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