Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Splendid new planters

After spending £45 on wood in B & Q, and adding exactly five hours of labour, SWMBO has the planters that she wanted. Now, don't be silly, it's not really three feet deep - that's the two planters on top of one another. One of the problems was that having constructed them in the garage, I couldn't lift them and had to wait for SWMBO to come home and help - maybe it's the 80 screws in each planter which is making them so heavy? The labels say the wood is 'guaranteed' for 15 years, so we have had the thought that they could then be converted into coffins for our woodland burials. Anyway, I can't see us saving very much money by growing a few vegetables in them after taking the £45 spend into account. You can buy an awful lot of vegetables in Aldi for £45.

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