Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Car Insurance Renewal Time Again

Oh dear. We've been very happy with our current insurer (probably because we haven't made a claim?) but the first of our two renewal notices arrived recently which didn't look too bad. Then I took the trouble to read the very small print on the back which said the compulsory excess had been raised from £150 to £500! - and we haven't made a claim as I said!!!

Time for "" and "" to see if I can better the deal.

Things I have learned...

  • As soon as you press the button to get your quote the phone starts ringing and you are 'automatically' pestered by the 'Top 5' insurers on your list wanting you to sign up today.
  • Your 'in box' also fills up.
  • If you are covered for 'commuting' this only applies to one return journey per day.
  • As we are voluntary drivers for the Redbourn Care Group and are paid for our petrol costs, we have to have business cover.
  • Normally business cover costs no extra(!).
  • If you are retired, the AA cannot cover you for business use (makes sense?) but other companies seem to be able to manage it.
  • Needless to say, our current insurer came up with a lower quote online than they had sent us in the post, but I guess I expected that as there's no incentive for loyalty these days - although SWMBO might disagree?

To be continued, no doubt...

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