Thursday, 20 August 2009

Worthwhile mistake!

SWMBO and I set out to go to Luton Museum the other day to see the exhibit about the Bedfordshire and Hetfordshire regiment as I'm doing some research into the people listed on the war memorial here in Redbourn.
Unfortunately...we went to Stockwood Park instead of Wardown Park so couldn't find the museum. Stockwood Park they have an excellent Discovery Centre which we spent a good couple of hours looking round.
I had to take this photo of a Vauxhall Wyvern as SWMBO's father once owned one.

At present they have got a temporary exhibition (until 13th September) called 'Moving The Mail' with old post bikes, vans and buses

I especially liked this sign on a carriage and really need a tee shirt with this slogan.
A good tee shirt seen recently said, "I am retired - do not ask me to do anything".

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You're only a youngster John