Thursday, 2 July 2009

Where have I been now?

Sorry for the gap in the postings!
We've just returned from the Shetland Islands where we survived a heatwave. We told the locals that we didn't believe the weather could be this good, and they said they couldn't believe it either!
I did leave some postings to be published automatically while we were away but only half of them seem to have worked - never mind, back to normal(?) now.

Back to last month and our trip on the Kennet & Avon canal. The first three photos are of our trip down the Caen Hill flight near Devizes. Luckily we teamed up with another boat as there are 29 locks in two and a quarter miles - 16 of them with little more than 50 yards between them.

We did tie the two boats together (breasting up) for a while but got well and truly wedged at the exit of one of the locks and had to engage the help of eight onlookers (gongoozlers) to pull the two boats back into the lock using four ropes.

Here you can just see the middle flight of 16 locks which we have just completed.

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