Monday, 25 May 2009

To Hemel Hempstead and back

Hottest day of the year so far - so we went for a nine and a half mile walk to Hemel Hempstead and back along the Nickey Line!

As it was so hot, we chose this walk as it's nice and shady all the way. It's a nice walk until you get to the Industrial Estate in Hemel Hempstead where you have to do a bit of winding around factory units and the tidy tip - and it's not particularly well signposted. From there it's between houses and allotments down to The Midland pub - how convenient!

A geocache we found on the way - stuffed with 'goodies'.

This is the reservoir near Three Cherry Trees Lane. I've passed it hundreds of times but have never looked in - it's empty!

It would make a good nature reserve now?
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Our average speed was 3.2mph according to the G.P.S. so that wasn't bad considering it was so warm.

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