Sunday, 8 February 2009

Southbank Symphonia

After the delicious meal we braved the icy wastes of Berkhamsted
to go to a concert.

Despite our worries about the state of the car park, we found it had been almost totally cleared of snow for us - how kind.
Founded in 2002, the orchestra of young professionals is now established as Britain's orchestral academy, providing the most talented players with a much needed bridge between conservatoire and the profession.
All the soloists were members of the orchestra and re-took their places after their performances, and carried on as if nothing had happened.
This was the "new intake's" first away gig, and very good it was too.
We were told we could adopt a member of the orchestra if we wished.
I found a nice blonde swiss girl in 2nd violins but thought SWIMBO might not totally approve.
The only disappointment was finding in the programme that my technique of tuning a viola a semitone sharper to five it a more brilliant tone, had in fact been tried by that young upstart Mozart in 1779!
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